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Relax with Knoxville Fabrics this Fall

There is nothing more relaxing than sitting down at the sewing machine, especially if you have been itching to remodel your dining room. Mill Agent in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee has the largest selection of fabrics in Knoxville for all of your dining room needs.

Window Treatments and Table Linens in Knoxville

The holidays may be around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have time to make new table linens and window treatments. The best fabric store in East Tennessee has beautiful fabrics for every style whether you are opting for a gothic look or want to go the more traditional route.

Color is Everything this Fall

Regardless of your style, you’ll want to make a real statement with Knoxville fabrics in the latest fall colors. Think eggplant draperies with matching sage and navy table linens or skip the dramatic and go for something more eclectic in hot pink and turquoise.

Start getting your home ready for the holidays and purchase your new fall fabrics from Mill Agent in Knoxville. Shop now.

Shop Now for Knoxville Fabrics from Mill Agent

Mill Agent has what you need whether you are sewing new cushions for your outdoor space or planning to change out your window treatments. Whatever the reason Mill Agent has you covered with amazing prices on beautiful Knoxville Fabrics.

Gorgeous Knoxville Fabrics for Window Treatments

If you are tired of living in the dark, spruce up your grand room with exciting new window treatments from Mill Agent.

Go with something completely different like goblet pleat or pencil pleat curtains. The design team from Mill Agent custom makes all draperies and curtains to your liking and will even help you select your window treatment hardware at unbeatable prices.

Switch it Up with Knoxville Fabrics

It’s always fun to redecorate and it’s easy with Knoxville Fabrics. Mill Agent has thousands of designer decorator fabrics that will spruce up any tired space. You won’t believe how much you will save when you shop for window treatments in Knoxville.

Cheer yourself up with Knoxville Fabrics for every space in your home. Shop now.

Knoxville Fabrics and Mill Agent for Everything

Mill Agent is open for business and that means awesome Knoxville fabrics. When you shop with Mill Agent for decorator fabrics, you will not believe how much you will save.

While online fabric stores have become popular, especially within the last few months, you really don’t know what you are getting until it arrives in the mail. Sadly, it may not be the color that you had hoped for.

Knoxville Fabrics Get it Right

There is nothing better than seeing decorator fabrics in Knoxville first hand. You can touch and feel the fabric and get the real color, not the color show in a picture online.

Beautiful Accessories for Knoxville Fabrics

If you are creating new window treatments for your home, Mill Agent has got you covered with beautiful window treatment fabrics and accessories. You can purchase your drapery hardware and trimmings when you buy your Knoxville fabrics. It really is the only way to shop.

Mill Agent is open for business. Head over and start shopping for the best Knoxville Fabrics in the Great Smoky Mountains. Shop now.

Knoxville Fabrics for New Curtains and Drapes

Knoxville fabrics could be just what you need if your home is dark and just too warm during the summer. Knoxville fabrics from Mill Agent make the best curtains, draperies and window treatments whether you want to update your grand room or add some privacy to your outdoor space.

Keep it Comfortable

Mill Agent recommends that you keep your space comfortable with lightweight window treatments that reflect the sun.

Lighten Things Up

Replace dark draperies with billowing cream or white curtains. This will make your room feel airy throughout the day.

Sheer Ventilation

Cool things down with white lace or sheer voile light colored Knoxville fabrics from Mill Agent. These types of fabrics allow air to flow through the fabric keeping the space cool and comfortable.

Mill Agent has the best selection of Knoxville fabrics. Shop today for new curtains and drapery fabrics. You won’t believe the prices and the selection only from Mill Agent.

Shop now.

Mill Agent for Valentines Day

If you are looking for a unique gift for your Valentine, come in and have a chat to the interior design team from Mill Agent for custom-made window treatments. This year skip the perfume, flowers and chocolates and give the love of your life something that both of you will enjoy with new window treatments from Mill Agent.

Window treatments can really take a bland space and turn it into something spectacular, and best of all, it won’t cost you a fortune, and unlike those flowers and chocolates, your Valentine, and you, will get years of enjoyment.

Of course, if you are unsure, or don’t want to make the decision yourself, you can always buy a gift certificate from Mill Agent so that your Valentine can choose.

For the best prices on all sorts of window treatments, including curtains, Roman shades and blinds, you will not do better than Mill Agent. Come in and buy a Valentine’s Day gift from Mill Agent for your love today.

Mill Agent in Knoxville for Autumn

Mill Agent in Knoxville is ready for fall, and if you are shopping for autumn fabrics to give your space a new look, Mill Agent has got you covered.

Just like your wardrobe, your home décor can begin to look tired, and that is where Mill Agent in Knoxville comes in. Mill Agent has the best selection of fall fabrics for any room in your home.

If you want to add extra drama to your grand room, you may want to consider new window treatments from Mill Agent in Knoxville. Mill Agent has curtains, blinds and other window treatments that you will not be able to resist.

Mill Agent has the best prices on fall fabrics including fabric that is up to 50 percent off. Head over to the folded fabric table and find hidden gems at just $2.00 only available from Mill Agent in Knoxville.

When it comes to fall fabrics and window treatments, you will not do better than Mill Agent. Head over and start shopping for the best fabric only from Mill Agent in Knoxville. Shop now.

Mill Agent This Summer

If the weather is keeping you inside, why not pull out your sewing machine. Mill Agent has the largest selection of fabrics in Knoxville whether you are considering new draperies, or would just like to spruce up your daughter’s bedroom.

It’s going to be a hot one this summer making it the perfect time to get creative with affordable fabrics from Mill Agent, and best of all, you can shop in-store and save up to 50 percent off selected fabrics.

If you are making new draperies, talk to the professional team from Mill Agent who can help you choose the best fabrics for your particular needs. Mill Agent has everything you need for new draperies including the drapery hardware for your old world dining room or drapery hardware for your contemporary grand room. You can even buy the drapery trimmings from Mill Agent.

This summer cool down and get creative with Mill Agent, you will not believe the prices and the selection, shop today.

Affordable Window Treatments from Mill Agent

It’s official! Spring has arrived and that means it’s time for new drapes and window treatments.

Mill Agent has the best selection of window treatments available in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee, and if you are handy with a sewing machine, you can make some pretty spectacular curtains, blinds, and drapes that will brighten up every space in your home. Of course, if you are not handy with a needle and thread, let Mill Agent do the work for you.

Mill Agent has dozens of top window treatments for you to choose from whether you are looking for something casual for your sunroom, or in need of something more formal for your grand room. Mill Agent will work with you to find the perfect window treatments for you and your home at unbeatable prices.

When it comes to draperies, blinds, curtains and other window treatments you will not do better than Mill Agent. Come in and see for yourself today.

Mill Agent This Spring

Get ready for spring with Mill Agent. If the winter weather has you singing the blues, Mill Agent has a selection of gorgeous fabrics that you can use to change the entire look of your space whether you want to brighten up your bedroom, add some color to your home office, or spruce up your dining room with new table linens.

Window coverings can add depth and dimension to any room. Order top window treatments for your kitchen window or ask about premade curtains for your guest room. Mill Agent has the finest fabrics in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee and can help you develop your own personal style with the help of the Mill Agent decorator service.

Since 1938, Mill Agent has been doing custom design work for private homes and offices. Come in, take a look at the massive selection today, and have your project completed before the spring thaw.

For the finest fabrics and window treatments, nobody does it like Mill Agent. You will not be disappointed.

Go Ahead… Take the First Step

A persistent nagging in the deep recesses of your brain reminds you that nothing has been done to update your windows. Have they been bare forever? Maybe you are still showcasing your 60’s retro style treatments. Or perhaps you collected an assortment of fabric samples, became more befuddled, and threw them aside to think about later.

Did you know that many people choose to abandon putting up window treatments because they are too indecisive or unsure of a suitable look for their space?

Whatever the reason, you are not alone! Making window treatments doesn’t have to be a complicated, pull-your-hair-out task. You’ve already taken the first step by reading this blog post. Allow Mill Agent’s expert staff to eliminate the anxiety and help you design window treatments that suit your personal style.


I ask you, why not take the risk? Your home is where precious memories and special times are enjoyed with family and friends. Window treatments can make us feel good about our home environment and ourselves. With the right style and fabric, they can create a comforting ambiance after a long, exhausting day.


So, what’s the first step? Come by our store and allow us to open up a world of options. Choose from a diverse variety of fabrics, textures, trims and window treatment styles, or bring in your collection of fabrics. Let us guide you with designs tailored to your individual style and taste.

Since 1938, Mill Agent has helped thousands of people reach countless decisions for their home and office décor. We’ll get you energized while enjoying the experience as much as we do.


Let’s get started.