Make a Smooth Transition with Knoxville Fabrics

Get double duty out of your Knoxville Fabrics with beautiful pastel prints and solids from Mill Agent. Mill Agent is the only fabric store in Knoxville to consider if you want to have a smooth transition from Easter to spring. Of course, you can go the cute route with bunnies and eggs, but why not try something classic this year. Mill agent has the best selection of Knoxville Fabrics in gorgeous colors that you can’t resist.

Instead of the usual pale pink and baby blue go with a light seafoam green blended with a soft peach. Go with a floral combination of the two mixed with white or yellow and your Easter tablecloth, runner, placemats and napkins will easily transform themselves from Easter dinner to your first spring get together. You can easily swap out your table centerpiece and put those decorative Easter pics away for next year.

When it comes to Knoxville Fabrics, Mill Agent can’t be beat. Shop today for the best deals on Easter and Spring Knoxville Fabrics.

Mill Agent is your best bet when it comes to affordable Knoxville Fabrics. Shop now.

Set Your Valentine’s Day Table for Romance

Celebrate Valentine’s Day and surprise the one you love with a candle lit dinner for two. You can make beautiful tablecloths, placemats, napkins and more for Valentine’s Day when you shop with the only Knoxville Fabric Store, Mill Agent. Mill Agent is the only place in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee where you can find everything you need to set your table for romance.

Think Pink

There are so many different shades of pink to choose from. You could go with a soft pink tablecloth with white napkins, or shake things up with a heart patterned table runner.

White and Blood Red

Think dark red roses for the centerpiece. Lay the table with a white linen tablecloth with Knoxville fabric from Mill Agent. Add dark red and white floral napkins and this setting won’t have to be reserved for one day a year.

Whatever color scheme you have in mind, you can trust Mill Agent to deliver.

Shop for your Valentine’s Day Knoxville Fabrics from Mill Agent today.

Luxurious Window Treatments from Knoxville Fabrics

Luxurious window treatments from Knoxville fabrics could be just what you need to boost your spirits after the long month of December, and if you need to replace your curtains, but spent more than you had bargained for over the holidays, Mill Agent could be the solution.

Mill Agent has the best selection of drapery fabrics in the latest styles and colors. When you walk into Mill agent for Knoxville fabrics, you will walk out with new draperies for less.

Mill Agent is the affordable solution and always has great deals on window treatments for every room in your home, and if you are on a tight budget, Mill Agent will help you stay right on track.

This seasons color trends are sure to inspire your DIY side for window treatments with jewel-toned fabrics from Knoxville fabrics. Go with subtle blue, or a deep red, which exudes luxury. Choose turquoise or amethyst fabric woven with brushed nickel or platinum thread and add decorative embellishments to create a lived in, but classic look.

Its 2018 and that means new window treatments from Mill Agent. You really can afford it. Shop today.

Christmas Fabrics for the Holidays

Christmas is almost here, and if you are the lucky host for Christmas dinner, why not spruce up your dining table with beautiful Christmas fabrics from Mill Agent. Mill Agent has the best selection of fabrics in Knoxville and can help you get in the spirit with beautiful fabrics for your tablecloth, napkins, placemats, and runners. Mill Agent can even help you swap out your tired dining room curtains with beautiful custom-made window treatments that will look great all year round.

Go for a Holly Berry theme, or go with something more nostalgic such as green and red plaid. The country look is all the rage this season and will take you through the winter. If you have kids in the house, buy some cute Christmas fabrics in Knoxville that will be perfect for the children’s table.

When it comes to fabrics in Knoxville, nobody beats Mill Agent. Head over to Mill Agent and finish your decorating today.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Knoxville Fabrics for Soft Furnishings and More

Mill Agent is the only place to shop for Knoxville fabrics this fall, and of course, all year round with spectacular materials, window treatments, and upholstery fabrics at unbeatable prices.

Head over to Mill Agent and check out the discount tables where you will find hundreds of fabrics with prices that have been slashed. If you haven’t been back lately, chances are that beautiful damask fabric that you fell in love with last spring is on sale.

If soft furnishings are on your mind, you will love the upholstery fabrics available from Mill Agent Knoxville Fabrics.

Clean out the storage shed and dig out your Great Aunt’s old slider. Choose a striped fabric, or go with something more traditional in a floral pattern. Mill Agent has literally thousands of fabrics to choose from. Once you have selected your fabric, Mill Agent will suggest a master upholster to get the job done in time for the holidays.

This fall give your home a lift with Knoxville fabrics and upholstery fabrics from Mill Agent. It really will make you and your home feel better.

Shop now.

Fall Fabrics for your Home That you Can’t Resist

If you want to purchase fall fabrics for your home, you cannot go past Knoxville’s most affordable fabric store, Mill Agent. Mill Agent has over a thousand decorative fabrics that will make your house a home.

Fall is the perfect time to redecorate your home. You can purchase fabrics for new window treatments, or buy damask or brocade fabric for decorative cushions and pillows. Mill Agent can even help you choose a color scheme for your new space.

Speaking of color schemes, opt for lush colors for your new room. Pick a theme and go with the flow adding decorative touches that will give your space an opulent look and feel.

This fall you will find a tremendous selection of fall fabrics for your home whether you want to recover your old sofa, or make new pillows for your sectional.

Shop now for the best selection of fall fabrics for your home. Mill Agent really does have it all.

Shop today.

Redecorating your Home is Easy with Mill Agent

If the smell and feel of autumn is making you feel like redecorating your home, maybe even adding some new and fresh window treatments, Mill Agent can help. Mill Agent has the best selection of gorgeous fabrics for window treatments, soft furnishings, cushions and pillows and more in Knoxville and can give your space the look and feel of fall.

Jeweled Tones for fall

According to Mill Agent, this fall sees a return of jeweled tones. If you are redecorating your home, look for lush fabrics for heavily shaded drapes. Choose turquoise and black for a dramatic look, or go with something classic like ruby and gold.

Red Damask

Use red damask to create depth to your room if you are redecorating your home. Cover pillows and cushions or make a tablecloth out of Mill Agent damask.

Wall Art

Create your own wall décor with colorful fabric and an art canvas if you are redecorating your home. Go with a fall motif. All you have to do is stretch and staple the fabric to the frame. This simple and affordable craft will make any room pop.

This fall give your home a new look with fall fabrics from Knoxville’s Favorite Fabric Store, Mill Agent. You will not believe the fabric selection if you are redecorating your home. Shop today.

Decorative Fabrics for Every Room in Your Home

When it comes to decorative fabrics, Mill Agent has the best selection, and if you are ready for the kids to go back to school and would like to start sewing again, Mill Agent can help.

The buyers from Mill Agent have an eye for current trends, and best of all, Mill Agent will pass the savings on to you.

Folded fabrics are just $2.00 a yard. Start sewing your tablecloths and napkins now and you will be well prepared for the holidays.

If you are planning to redecorate when the kids are in class, Mill Agent has 1000’s of yards of decorative upholstery and drapery fabrics available whether you are changing the entire look of your Grand Room, or just want to switch up your powder room with something a bit more feminine.

When it comes to decorative fabrics, Mill Agent has got you covered. Shop online or in store and discover why Mill Agent is the most popular fabric store in the Great Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee.

Shop now.

It’s Never To Early for Autumn Soft Furnishings

Fall is just around the corner and if you want to start sewing your autumn soft furnishings head over to Mill Agent. Mill Agent has the best selection of fall fabrics that will give your home the warmth it needs as the summer comes to an end.

One of the best ways to combat the heat is to head indoors and start sewing autumn soft furnishings. You can really get carried away with the beautiful colors of fall including burnt umber, amber, ruby red and russet orange. Reminiscent of the glorious colors displayed in the Great Smoky Mountains every autumn, your space will feel reborn.

Mill Agent Knoxville has a variety of fabrics for autumn soft furnishings and can give you some tips on window treatments as well. Go all out this fall and swap out your dreary drapes for some autumn inspired Roman shades.

When it comes to autumn soft furnishings fabrics Knoxville, you will not do better than Mill Agent. Shop now for the best selection and price.

Mill Agent for Summer Fabric Knoxville

New summer fabric can take your dreary grand room and turn it into the most cheerful space in your home whether you are thinking about swapping out your dated window treatments, or want to recover your tired 70s style sectional. Mill Agent is the only place to consider for cheery summer fabric that is perfect for every room in your home.

When you shop with Mill Agent, you can expect old-fashioned customer service at its best with that Southern Hospitality that you will not find anywhere else. Mill Agent can advise you on the best summer fabric choice for your old upholstered rocking chair or can help you choose a textile that would be perfect for your outdoor lounge suite.

This summer splash out with colorful fabrics Knoxville that will not cost you a fortune. Shop online or in store with Mill Agent today. You will not be disappointed. Shop now.