Go Ahead… Take the First Step

A persistent nagging in the deep recesses of your brain reminds you that nothing has been done to update your windows. Have they been bare forever? Maybe you are still showcasing your 60’s retro style treatments. Or perhaps you collected an assortment of fabric samples, became more befuddled, and threw them aside to think about later.

Did you know that many people choose to abandon putting up window treatments because they are too indecisive or unsure of a suitable look for their space?

Whatever the reason, you are not alone! Making window treatments doesn’t have to be a complicated, pull-your-hair-out task. You’ve already taken the first step by reading this blog post. Allow Mill Agent’s expert staff to eliminate the anxiety and help you design window treatments that suit your personal style.


I ask you, why not take the risk? Your home is where precious memories and special times are enjoyed with family and friends. Window treatments can make us feel good about our home environment and ourselves. With the right style and fabric, they can create a comforting ambiance after a long, exhausting day.


So, what’s the first step? Come by our store and allow us to open up a world of options. Choose from a diverse variety of fabrics, textures, trims and window treatment styles, or bring in your collection of fabrics. Let us guide you with designs tailored to your individual style and taste.

Since 1938, Mill Agent has helped thousands of people reach countless decisions for their home and office décor. We’ll get you energized while enjoying the experience as much as we do.


Let’s get started.